Locker Room

I’ve been running steadily now for about 3 years, and biking for about 6 months.  I’m starting to settle into some gear that I like and that performs well.  The lists on this page are not meant to imply that these choices are the best of the best, or even right for anyone but me… only that I’ve found that they work in my routine.

Running Clothes

  • Pearl Izumi triathlon shorts
  • Nike Dry Fit Tank Top
  • Nike running tights for winter.  I bought these 12 years ago in Canada, and they are great.  Wish I could find another pair like them.
  • Nike wind jacket.
  • New Balance low rise socks
  • “Dual” sunglasses.  Interchangeable lenses (shaded and clear) with a “magnification” window to make it easier to read my garmin 910XT
  • Asics GT 2000 running shoes… currently looking for something that will help with the plantar fasciitis that plagues my old feet
  • Under Armour long sleeved compression shirt.  A great gift from my son.  I always wear it as a base layer… I don’t have the physique to wear it exposed!

Riding Clothes

  • Pearl Izumi cycling bibs.  I haven’t worn a bib since I was two… but these are great
  • Pearl Izumi triathlon cycling jersey… sleeveless, so it helps in the summer
  • Tri sports arm warmers.  Never thought I’d wear arm warmers, but these are perfect for 50-60 degree weather with a jersey.
  • Specialized Sport RD cycling shoes.  SPD cleats.  I resisted bike shoes for a few months, but they are amazing!

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