Fun Flies

“Fun flies when you’re doing time.” Author Unknown

The past week was the type you survive more than anything else, so I can truly say I’m glad it’s over.  Training was mostly successful, with only a couple of workouts lost to weather and random chaos.  While I don’t mind running in the rain, I won’t run or ride in thunderstorms.  Rain and lightening cost me a long ride on Saturday, which I was able to do on Sunday instead.  I’d already planned to shift my long run from Sunday morning to later in the week due to travel commitments, so the scheduling worked out.

I decided last week to put some more structure to my swim training.  I swim on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and my swim sessions have historically just been lots of laps to build endurance.  As I’m returning to swimming, I’m hoping to undo some bad habits and learn some better technique.  Mondays will be dedicated mostly to drills.  Mondays are recovery days for me after a long ride on Saturday and a long run on Sunday, so a shorter swim focused on technique makes sense.  Wednesdays are speed work, with lots of 25 and 50 yard intervals.  Fridays are supposed to be the endurance day, with longer sets and more total mileage.

Last week’s swimming stuck to that plan, but the Friday workout was a bit of a bust.  The day had been #5 in a week full of Mondays, and I just couldn’t get any kind of rhythm.  I felt like I was thrashing through the water in the way I had when I first learned to swim.  If you train very often, a clunky workout is inevitable.  My basic rule is to push through the funk for at least the first third and see how it goes.  Most of the time, things will settle down and I can finish the run, swim, or ride.  Friday’s swim just never got any better.  Finally, at about the half way point, I decided all I was doing was reinforcing bad habits and getting frustrated.  Instead of simply quitting, I fell back to some basic Total Immersion drills.  I did a few lengths of the “Superman glide”, pushing off the bottom of the pool to see how far you can glide without kicking or pulling.  While it wasn’t as satisfying as finishing the entire workout, it did help clear the sense of frustration with the preceding work (mostly).

This is a travel week, with lots of customer meetings.  That means my training will be at the mercy of someone else’s schedule.  I’ve found a pool not far from the hotel, so I hope to salvage a couple of workouts there.  I won’t have a bike with me, so I’ll do all of my running early in the week and finish the rides when I get home.  Just call me Gumby… the epitome of flexibility.

Here’s to a better week than the last.

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