Two a Days

I never played football in high school.  There was some silly requirement about having athletic ability and sports specific skills that somehow eliminated me from consideration at a very early stage.  But I remember hearing stories about the dreaded “two a days” that the players endured before school started.  For whatever reason, players would practice once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening… avoiding the worst heat of the day, I suppose.  Football players got nothin’ on triathletes.

How I see myself when swimming...

Definitely not me…

This week marked my return to swimming, and a return to two workouts a day.  I’m never planning to do even a half ironman, but just an olympic tri training regimen drives you to two workouts a day eventually.  My hardest workout is scheduled for first thing in the morning… the run or the ride.  Evenings mean swimming or strength training.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to find a pool about 5 minutes from my office where I can get in a short workout over lunch.  I’m not actively training for a race right now, so my swims won’t be very intense.  I really have missed being in the pool, though, so I was glad to find a facility that would fit my schedule.

I was pleasantly surprised that my swimming was almost as bad as when I had to stop in the fall.  My mechanics and form are somewhere on the scale from “how do you not drown?” to “sir, aren’t you a little too old to be rough housing in the pool?  You’re scaring the children.”  Somehow I am able to propel myself from one end of the pool to the other, albeit in a time that could almost be measured on a calendar.  And I enjoy it, which still amazes me.  I never learned to swim as a kid (despite a number of failed attempts at lessons), and only taught myself a couple of years ago when I committed to training for my first triathlon (and only one to date).  Perhaps its the satisfaction of having taught myself something that I was always convinced I couldn’t do.  Just getting into the pool and swimming laps reminds me that life holds far fewer limitations than I might have thought.

I think the part of swimming I enjoy most, though, is the feeling afterward.  After a good swim workout (good is a relative term in my case), I can feel it in my whole body; a satisfying feeling of work.  Arms, chest, legs, shoulders… It’s a whole-body workout and it feels good.  The overwhelming drowsiness that hits after about an hour is a different story, but that’s just another reason for a big cup of coffee.

So, I’m back to two a day workouts, and enjoying it.  Here’s to the hope that I can recover some of my lost form.  On second thought, considering what my form was like before, maybe not.

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1 Response to Two a Days

  1. Mary Walther says:

    You can swim in a pool everyday but do not have a permission slip for open water.

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