Closing Out the Week

As a below average age group triathlete, I’m never quite sure how to define a “good” training week.  During the peak of my training in 2012, I routinely logged 12 to 14 hours a week.  Those high volume weeks included two workouts a day, almost everyday.  Sundays were usually the lightest, with only a 10 to 15 mile run in the morning.  There were lots of “good” weeks, if the standard for good is volume.  Those training volumes produced some performance gains as well (you’d certainly hope so, right?).  My swim distances increased while times dropped, my bike times improved (although I rarely logged the high miles on the tri bike that I achieved on my road bike), and I ran farther and faster than before without injury.  Good weeks were pretty easy to identify.

Now that my training is more a part of my life than the focus of it, “good” is more nebulous.  The heaviest week includes 8-9 hours of training.  My longest ride these days is around 30 miles, and I’m not breaking any land speed records.  I’m gradually rebuilding my long run mileage to “half marathon ready”, meaning I could probably run one within 4-6 weeks if I got the whim.  It wouldn’t be pretty, but I would finish.  I applaud those who can sustain much higher levels for longer periods, but I start to see tears in the fabric of my life if I push much beyond my present level.  I don’t know if recognizing such limits is a benefit of age or a surrender to it, but there it is.

And yet, I’ve been rebuilding my training regimen from the winter low for about 4 months, and I have steady progress to show for it.  Even better, I haven’t been injured in quite a while (not from training, anyway).  I haven’t logged any laps in the pool for a few months (due more to lack of pool availability than anything else), but I plan to get wet again in the near future, and I’m looking forward to it.  Probably no more than 2 swim sessions a week, but it’s better than nothing.

So I finished this week’s training with my longest run in about 9 months, 3 good rides on the tri bike, and three solid strength training sessions.  No injuries, and some solid progress getting the diet back under control.  I’d say that’s a pretty good week.  At least it ain’t half bad.  For an old guy.

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