Easy Day

Monday and Tuesday are my easier training days… in part because I’m recovering from two long workouts over the weekend, but also because my pre-work workouts need to be shorter so I can get to the office for early meetings.  This morning was a fairly light 3 mile run, following yesterday’s 15 mile ride.  Summer is certainly in full swing, though, with temps in the high 70s or low 80s by the time I hit the road at 6:00 a.m., and humidity on the rise.

This week’s training is a little jumbled, as commitments on Saturday and Sunday will disrupt next weekend’s planned long workouts.  So, I’ve shifted some things around even more in this week’s schedule to salvage some of the heavier training I’d lose otherwise.  I should be able to get my long ride in on Friday the 4th, since I’ll be off work.  I’ll need to cut the long run short on Sunday… that’s okay, I’ll just make it an easy week as we head out for vacation.

Tomorrow is a long ride before work… another chance to challenge the hill into my neighborhood on the tri bike.  I made it farther up the hill on Monday than I did on Saturday; I’ve already got my goal spot picked for tomorrow’s climb.  A little farther with each ride, and I’ll eventually make the whole climb.

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