Is It Monday Again?

There is a verse in the Bible that says, “My joy comes in the morning.”  The author obviously did not own an indoor cycling trainer or a Chris Charmichael training DVD.  I crawled out of bed this morning trying to think of any good reason I could crawl right back in.  I can’t ride, the streets are still too wet from last night’s storms.  Oh, wait, indoor trainer. It’s cold in Little Rock, and I should crawl back under the covers in sympathy (empathy?) for my family.  When you’ve been out of bed for 3 minutes and already thought that hard, you might as well stay up.

The morning’s workout was a 1 hour ride to the tune of Chris Charmichael’s 1% body fat coach telling me I could push harder.  How does he know, he’s inside my DVD player.  I mean, he was right, but how does he know?

While it was a little tough to get started this morning, the workout was good.  I can’t truly say that I was “sweating from my eyeballs”, as the online coach exhorted me to do, I was sweating from every other pore of my body.  I can honestly say that I was a little wobbly when I got off the bike after the last interval.  Now that’s a workout.

So that’s two days in a row I’ve been able to get back into the early morning workout pattern.  Tomorrow is a 5 mile run before work, with intervals planned.  Not sure my right leg feels up to the intervals, but I may give the first couple a shot and see how it goes.  I’ve got a strength training session planned for the evening, but I’ve also got an MBA class and a final tomorrow night.  I’m banking we get done a bit early; if so, I’ll squeeze in the strength session.  If not, I may push it to Thursday night.  I can see that getting to bed early enough is a key component of getting up the next morning.  Go figure.

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One Response to Is It Monday Again?

  1. elisariva says:

    Just remember – His mercies are new every morning too…

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