A Tough One

This morning’s workout was a 14 mile run as part of my build up for the Gasparilla Half Marathon in February.  Most of my long runs include a series of accelerations/intervals after the first mile.  I speed up to a bit faster than half marathon pace for a half mile, then recover for a half mile, repeat 10 or 11 times.  Today was different, though, because I was also trying to extend the distance of my long run.  I’ve been doing up to 13 miles, but I’ve decided to take it out to 15 miles.  That’s obviously longer than the half marathon, but I want to make sure I’ve got enough in the tank on race day to give myself a shot at a PR.  So, no intervals today on my 14 miler.

Good thing.  It was already in the high 60s by the time I started at 7:30, and it heated up fast.  70 degrees isn’t very hot, unless you’re cranking out 14 consecutive miles in the sun.  In that case, it feels pretty warm.  For the sake of preserving my dignity, I won’t tell you my pace for the 14 miles, but it was slow.  And I felt like I had nothing else in me.  In fact, I even thought about cutting things a little short and heading home.

But then I thought about a fellow triathlete who was running the California International Marathon this morning.  The weather was predicted to be mid 50s with howling winds, driving rain, swarms of locusts… you get the picture.  She was going to tough it out and run the race, come what may.  It dawned on me that I had little to complain about with my balmy 70 degree day and sunshine.  Shut up and run.  So, run I did.

That didn’t make it a lot easier, but I finished.  I’ve been feeling the run all day, too.  Not sure why, since it was only a mile farther than my recent long runs, but it kicked me hard.  Maybe because I skipped my traditional pre-run bagel?  That must be it.  Or maybe the 30 miles on the bike yesterday afternoon?  Might be a contributing factor.

This week is another build week after last week’s recovery.  I didn’t get any swimming in last week, and likely won’t this week, either.  That’s intentional, as I set swimming aside in the triathlon “off season” to focus on running through February.  I’m certainly open to an occasional swim if the opportunity presents itself, but I’m not carving out any time for it.  I do have two sessions planned on the indoor cycling trainer, which will focus primarily on intervals.  I’m also hoping to get a couple of strength and stretching workouts in.  I don’t do enough of those.

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1 Response to A Tough One

  1. elisariva says:

    Great run and I am happy to you pushed through. I agree with you about running over 13 miles. For the half, I think the more accustomed you are to going long, the less fatigued the legs are in a race. Keep at it my friend!

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