Another Pair Bites the Dust

This morning was an easy four mile run before work.  And boy, did I need an easy run.  The last few days of the previous week were all fairly tough workouts.  I had intervals on Wednesday, the combination road race/trail run on Thanksgiving with its challenging elevation changes, a forty mile ride on Friday, and my first swim in a while on Saturday.  Yesterday’s run was only 7 miles, but I did 5 X half mile intervals at an 8:15 pace with half mile recoveries.  I was ready for an easy run.

Today was also my first run in my new Brooks Ravenna 3 shoes, recommended by the folks at Go! Running in Little Rock.  I’ve always picked my own shoes based on Runner’s World shoe finder recommendations or other online sources, but this time I decided to ask for some advice.  The runner working with me took the time to listen to my awkward running history, select a couple of good options, and watch me run in them.  That was a little weird, given that she’s a world-class marathoner and qualified for the US Olympic Trials last year.  No, I wasn’t self-conscious having her watch me run.  At any rate, she made some good recommendations and I came away with the new Brooks.  Surprisingly enough, they were about $30 less than the shoes I was planning to get from a national sporting goods chain.  I’d rather give the business to a local store, anyway, but the personalized service sealed the deal.

So, my trusty Asics Gel Nimbus are retired.  They took me through almost 500 miles of running, including a duathlon and my first triathlon.  I’m sorry to see them go, but stretching the life of my last pair helped contribute to an injury, so I’m not chancing it again.  In fact, I probably pushed these a little farther than I should have, but I had a hard time choosing a new shoe.

This is a recovery week for me, so I’ll do a little less intensity but about the same distance.  I’ve also ordered an indoor trainer for the bike, which should get here tomorrow.  It’s still dark by the time I head to work, and almost dark by the time I get home, so most of my riding will be inside, where it’s safer.  Tampa drivers are bad enough when they can see me in broad daylight… I’m not taking any chances in the dark.  I’ll still do my long weekend rides outside, weather permitting.  I ordered an interval training DVD as well, so I can still have someone yell at me besides psycho spin instructor.

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  1. elisariva says:

    I used to do the same with running shoes. Then I went to my local Fleet Feet store and they did a similar fitting. Changed my shoes completely and I do not have nearly the issues I used to with plantar fasciitis. Hope it works for you!

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