Up Tempo

This morning’s workout was a tempo run before work.  It was a cool morning, hovering just around sixty, but with low clouds and mist… Not quite fog, not quite rain.  The weather just couldn’t quite decide what to do… Sort of like me in front of the frozen yogurt wall at Yogurt Mountain.  I know I shouldn’t eat it, but it’s low fat, right?

I actually remembered to upload the workout parameters into the Garmin before the run, AND I remembered to select the workout and hit “start” before I started running.  Boy, am I good.  The first mile was an easy warmup, followed by 4 miles at about an 8:55 pace.  This is where the Garmin comes in really handy.  With my old Nike Sport Band, I would have been guessing about heart rate, actual pace, etc, because there was only one screen and it didn’t scroll.  Pace was especially tricky, because it worked off of an accelerometer that was calibrated to my normal pace.  If I sped up or slowed down, it would throw the numbers off pretty badly.  The Garmin gives great feedback and really helps stay on plan.

This is the first tempo run where I didn’t outrun the planned pace, which tells me I’ve come pretty close to training at my current fitness level.  Now I get to start pushing the envelope.  Next week I will set the pace just a little bit faster and see if I can keep up.

i’m headed back to Little Rock for Thanksgiving, so the training environment is about to change dramatically.  The weather is a bit cooler, and the terrain is much more hilly.  That’s not saying much, since Tampa’s only elevation changes seem to be overpasses.  I’d like to say I’m looking forward to the challenge, but my mother told me never to lie.  I’ve gotten pretty used to training on flat ground, and the hills at home are steep (and long).  Oh, we’ll, that which doesn’t kill me only makes me really sore.  Or something like that.

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