A Week of Firsts

This past training week was a week of firsts, including this post, which is my first in a while.  Lots of things going on, including travel and classes.  Unfortunately, posting had to take a back seat.

Saturday was my first ride on the tri bike in quite a while.  I was traveling in Oklahoma and Little Rock for a couple of weeks, and the tri bike was lodged securely in my apartment in Tampa.  The ride was a bit of an adjustment even beyond just getting back into the aero position.  The temp was in the high 50s when I started, but climbed rapidly to the mid 70s by the time I finished the 35 miles.  It was a good ride, and felt nice to get out on some of the back roads around Tampa and just ride, but I was cold at the start and hot at the end.

I’ve scaled back riding and swimming as I prep for the Gasparilla Half-Marathon in February, so I only had one other cycling workout in the week… also a first; my first spin class.  I didn’t expect it to be too much of a stretch, since I’ve got a few miles in the saddle and used to climb a lot of hills around Little Rock.  Boy, was I wrong.  The young woman leading the class kicked my rear end.  It was a great workout, but it was badly timed… I did the class Thursday night, and had an interval running workout scheduled for Friday morning.  I felt recovered enough to do the intervals the next morning, but I know the spinning took some of the wind out of my sails.

My swimming first was not positive, unfortunately.  I did a swim on Friday night which went pretty well, then tried to get in a ladder workout in the pool on Saturday afternoon (after the morning ride).  I only made it through about 1,000 yards before my hamstrings started to cramp.  I swam through it for a few laps, then it spread to my calves, then my left foot.  It finally got so bad that I couldn’t climb out of the pool.  That’s the first time I’ve had cramping like that in a long time, and I think it was due to overuse in the past few days and dehydration.  I’d missed a couple of workouts during the week due to travel, and tried to cram them back into the remaining days.  I know better, but it didn’t keep me from trying to pull it off anyway.

That, by the way, is not a first.

Garmin update… I’ve been using the 910XT for 5-6 weeks now, and it’s adding a lot to my training.  I’ve programmed some interval workouts, used it for much more accurate measurements on my rides, and I’ve even gotten the swim function to work; as long as I put it on my right wrist.  As soon as I move it back to my left wrist, it miscounts laps.  Can’t figure out why to save my life, but it’s working as advertised on my right wrist.  Go figure.  I’ve ordered a bike mount so I can put it on the aerobars on the tri bike (since the normal mounting position on the stem is too awkward for me to see well while I’m riding).  Most of the gizmos I’ve bought for training were just that… gizmos.  The Garmin is an effective training tool.  Great investment.

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3 Responses to A Week of Firsts

  1. elisariva says:

    Glad to read your posts again! Cramping in the water after another workout is something I deal with too. I am trying a salt cap after workout one and before swimming to hopefully prevent cramps. Worked last week. Swimming with the 910 – do you breath to one side or alternated? I am wondering if you left arm is moving wider than your right. Odd that it doesn’t count well on the left.

  2. Cramps with swimming are honestly the worst thing ever. They can ruin a whole practice!

    • Chasing Fifty says:

      I know. I’ve usually been able to work through them, but these were total leg cramps. Never had them that bad before.

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