Clearing the Brain

This weekend was the end of my first MBA semester, and I was down to one LARGE paper left to submit. I’ve been tinkering with it off and on for two weeks, but didn’t really begin putting fingers to keys (that lacks the romantic ring of pen to page, but it’s more accurate these days) until Friday night. I’m learning all over again that having the thoughts in my head doesn’t mean it will be easy to get them on a page in any coherent fashion. But I don’t need to tell you that… you read my blog.

I planned to get up early on Saturday for a long ride, and then hit the keys. I worked later than planned on Friday night, so the early morning ride didn’t quite pan out. I decided to launch into the writing after breakfast and save the ride for later. After almost 8 hours of research writing, and rewriting, I was ready for the ride.

I was able to get in a 30 mile ride on some fairly deserted back roads before the sun started setting much earlier than I thought it should. On a positive note, the lower the sun the cooler the Florida evening. The last few miles were really enjoyable, and I was thinking clearly again by the time I dove back into the paper for a couple more hours.

This morning was a 7 mile run with a few .25 mile repeats thrown in. I’ve picked a couple of 1/2 marathons in January and February to run here in Tampa, and it’s good to have something to train for again. I suppose it shows a lack of something on my part that I can’t just train to train, but it really helps me to have a goal.

After the run came five more hours of writing, and then… SUCCESS! I finally finished the revisions to the paper at about 3:30, which I though gave me enough time to hit the YMCA pool for a few minutes. I wasn’t really planning on a long swim workout, but I did need to clear my head; plus, I wanted to try the Garmin out in the pool when I could actually see the screen (as opposed to swimming in the dark). I still haven’t gotten an accurate swim count out of the things, so I wanted to experiment with some things to see if I could get it working.

There a lots of suggestions online for ways to improve the devices swim accuracy, and I’ve tried almost all of them to no avail. The one I hadn’t tried was switching wrists. Most people put the watch on whatever wrist they normally wear their watch. Some users suggest switching wrists with the Garmin. I don’t remember why, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

The first 50 yard warmup set was off by a lap. Not good. I tightened the strap down another notch, and gave it another shot. The next 50 were correct. Hmmm. Another 50, with the correct count. Could it have really been that simple? I did a series of 50 and 100 yard intervals, and all of them calculated correctly. Unfortunately, the Y decided to close the pool early for some reason, and I had to stop after just 650 yard. But the results were encouraging. I’ve got a long swim scheduled for Tuesday morning, so I’ll try the new technique then.

After the swim, I headed back to the apartment. I was suddenly without something pressing to do. What a strange feeling. So, since I was already wearing workout gear from the swim, I did a 30 minute strength training session and hit the shower.

Overall, a good weekend. I finished the paper, got in three solid workouts, and may have figured out what’s wrong with the Garmin. And I still have this evening almost free. Except my next two classes start Tuesday night. Now, what did I do with the syllabi?

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1 Response to Clearing the Brain

  1. elisariva says:

    Glad you are writing! Always fun to read. As for your Garmin, I find mine accurate 99%of the time. Sometimes it misses a 25 meter length. Obviously it doesn’t count kick sets. I wear mine on the left and it is fairly snug. I also hit the lap button between sets. Helps me know my time per set and identify where the distance miscalculation might be.

    Enjoy your semester break!

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