How Quickly It Fades

The past two weeks have been recovery weeks; one planned, one out of sheer necessity.  Last week I traveled to meet the wife in North Carolina for a visit with my in-laws.  I was able to squeeze in at least partial workouts on most days, including the travel days, thanks to my family’s understanding and the local YMCA in Goldsboro.  Knowing that the week would be challenging, I intentionally scaled back my workouts in advance.  I had no time on the bike… running and swimming only.

This week has been even more limited because of work and class schedules.  I had multiple case studies, papers, presentations, and final exams due, in addition to regular office taskings.  I now feel a little badly for how I judged my college aged kids over the last few years when they complained about the crush at the end of the semester.  I always harbored that thought in the back of my mind that if they had just started a little earlier, they could avoid the mad rush at the end.  My expensive triathlon bike hanging forlornly from the bike stand now shares that same sentiment towards me.

Since I couldn’t cram in the desired swim or ride workouts this week, I did schedule some strength training and stretching.  Perhaps it was ill-advised to include both squats and lunges on my first strength routine in almost a month.  Perhaps.    Couple that with the fact that I decided to try out the interval feature of the Garmin during my run that morning, and I’ve been hobbling like the old man that I am for the past two days.  I thought it would feel much better today, but only in my dreams.  

Speaking of the Garmin, I am just starting to get familiar with the huge array of features and possibilities it has.  It served me very well on my long run in North Carolina on Sunday, faithfully tracking the entire 9 miles on back roads I didn’t know.  It was a bit less helpful on the interval run until I figured out the curious combination of beeps and squeaks that signal when you’re in the correct heart rate zone, when the interval should start, when it should stop, etc.  It might have been less confusing had it not been pitch black outside, precluding any chance of seeing the watch face.  Haven’t figured out the backlight, yet, and I didn’t want to hit any buttons I wasn’t sure of.  A slave to technology.

I have decided my next target race will be the Gasparilla Half Marathon in Tampa in late February.  It is far enough in the future that I’ve got plenty of time to build up the strength and speed for it.  Plus, IT’S FLAT!  After training on the flats before last year’s Little Rock Half Marathon hilly course, I’m looking forward to a race where the only elevation change is the overpass.

I have one more case study to do this weekend, but hope to get a ride in on Saturday, and possibly a short swim in the afternoon.  That all depends on how much writing I get done in the next couple of days.  I don’t remember school being this challenging before.  How quickly it fades.

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4 Responses to How Quickly It Fades

  1. IowaTriBob says:

    I can completely relate to the squats and lunges. Had this exact same experience doing a strength training after a long run session and felt it for days… On the Garmin, I have a 310xt and it was fairly easy to hit the mode button, navigate to system, display, and then change the backlit time to always stay on. My default was 10 seconds. Now all I have to do is quick press the power button and it will turn the display light on to varying shades and it will stay on until you click it again. Good luck but definitely doable and hard to break.

  2. Kathryn Kliemann says:

    Glad to see you blogging again. I miss your updates and seeing you on Facebook.

  3. elisariva says:

    I just read the manual – just hitting enter (bottom right button) turns on backlight without changing anything. What is really cool is when in run mode you can double tap the device screen to turn the light on. Now I have to run in the dark to see it work…

    • Chasing Fifty says:

      Other than my weekly long run, almost all of my running is in the dark before work. I can verify that the double tap on the screen works… but the first time you do it in a workout, you have to tap really hard; kind of like waking it up. Come to think of it, I know how that feels.

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