Staying Ahead of the Alligators

Not real ones.  But dangerous still.  I feel like I’ve got alligators chomping at my heels.

This has been a challenging week, and it’s not over yet.  I’ve been in Canada all week for a series of meetings with an important customer, which is stressful enough in itself.  But I’ve also got a series of case studies for my MBA program and all of the other work piling up at home while I’m on the road to contend with.  I’ve been using my workouts to relieve the stress and clear my head.

My runs this week have been along the bay near the hotel.  I’ve done two X three mile runs, both without the orthotics I was using for my Plantar Fasciitis.  I’m glad to report that there is no more pain in the morning than when I was running with them… which I think is as attributable to age as it is injury.

I’ve also been able to get in two swim workouts in the morning before the meetings start.  The hotel pool is fairly small, but it’s outdoors and heated.  Good thing, because the temp outside this morning was probably in the low 60s… a little chilly for swimming.  I did a full 2000 yards this morning, and went to work with that “I’ve already accomplished something for the day” feeling.

I’ve even gotten in a couple of modified strength workouts this week, which I haven’t done in a while because of time.  It’s amazing how quickly you start to lose conditioning on specific muscles when you don’t get to work them consistently.

The greatest shortcoming so far has been the bike.  There was a recumbent bike in the hotel, and I suffered through one workout on it Tuesday.  I’ve grown not to like stationary bikes much at all, and really don’t like the recumbent variety.  I was able to finish reading a chapter in my economics textbook, so it wasn’t a total loss.

I head back to Little Rock for the weekend tomorrow, where it appears I may be fighting Tropical Storm Isaac for workout time.  Well, at least there’s an indoor pool and a treadmill.

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