Forrest Gump Moment

Today was a pretty light workout day due to work and school requirements.  I flew to Torontoyesterday, then drove to the meeting location two hours east.  By the time we got to the hotel, it real after 9, and I’d already been up for 17 hours.  I knocked out an hour of MBA work and hit the sack, to be greeted by the alarm at 5:30 for my morning run.

Today’s run was on a jogging path along the bay, which is a nice, scenic route.  More significant than the route, though, was the fact that I started weaning myself off of my orthotics.  After I injured my foot in the spring, I started wearing custom orthotics in my running shoes.  I also started using off the shelf, but high quality, orthotics in my casual and work shoes.  I put it off for a while, but the injury lingered and my duathlon and triathlon deadlines loomed.  I needed to take some action to get back on the road, and the orthotics we’re my best hope.

They certainly did the job.  I was able to start running again, although much more slowly in my pre-injury days.  I always felt that I could get rid of the inserts once the races were done, as long as I was careful and did appropriatestretches and exercises.  Today was the day.  Like Forrest Gump shedding his braces, I swapped out the inserts for the regular shoe liners and hit the trail.

The difference was immediate.  The orthotics are relatively hard, and I felt thdischarge right away.  I can’t say I was significantly faster, but the run was more comfortable.  The run was just short of 4 miles (which might not have been smart for the first one without inserts), and I haven’t felt any more soreness than after any other run.  I have felt a little cramping in my feet, especially during tonight’s strength training, but stretching should help that.

Given a choice between a lifelong intervention like orthotics (or blood pressure medicine, etc) and correcting the underlying problem, I’d always rather fix the real problem.  I will need to be careful about adding distance to my run until my feet have adjusted to the lack orotfl inserts, but today was a great first step toward running in freedom again.

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