Next Steps

I’ve been thinking for a while about what comes after the triathlon.  Honestly, I’m still not sure.  Sometimes when you don’t know exactly where you’re headed, all you can do is put one foot in front of the other.  The worst times in my life were those when I felt like I was standing still; making no progress.  I’m certainly not going backward, so onward it is.

I plunged back into training on Sunday with a morning run of 4 miles to work out the kinks from Saturday’s race.  I actually slept until almost 8:00, so it was already a little warm and the sun was shining… it was hot!  Still, the run felt good.  It was pretty clear that 4 miles was about all I had in me that morning, though.

I went to a local Tampa pool for a short swim in the afternoon.  I got there about 45 minutes before closing, so I was only able to do 1300 yards before the “everybody outta the pool” whistle blew.  The water was quite a bit cooler than the apartment pool, and it felt great.  I enjoy swimming outside so much more than indoors.  The combination of cold water and sunshine was a great feeling.

I now have a Master’s class on Monday and Wednesday nights, so I’m down to one workout on each of those days.  Monday was a 3 mile run in the morning before work.  I was still feeling a little sore, so I kept the pace slow.  It’s ironic that my tan has faded dramatically since I moved to Florida, since the majority of my workouts are in the dark before work.

I took an unexpected step on Tuesday and joined the local YMCA.  The pool at the apartment complex has awkward hours, and it’s often crowded in the hours that I can use it.  The Y is just a few miles down the road, and has a dedicated lap pool that opens at 5:45.  I didn’t swim on Tuesday, but an evening of heavy rain squashed my hopes for a 20 mile ride.  I took advantage of my membership on day one, though, and hit the spin bike for an hour.

Wednesday was a swim before work at the Y.  I did a ladder workout, with each set increasing by 50 yards, then working my way back down.  It’s a little odd to swim in the dark, but I got used to it.  The sun was coming up just as I was finishing, which was really neat.

That brings me to today.  I did another 3 mile run this morning, and finally got my pace back to something almost reasonable.  The temperature was 10 degrees cooler than any other day this week, and the run felt very good.  Tonight was an 18 mile ride on the tri bike… this was the first evening this week it hasn’t rained, and I wasn’t going to miss the chance to ride.

I’ve started to look for a sprint triathlon later in the year, and there are a couple of good possibilities here in town.  I really don’t want to travel again for a race, at least not with my current work and school schedules.  I’ll probably start trying to build up my long run distances again, opening up the chance for a half marathon in the cooler winter months.  The possibilities are endless.

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2 Responses to Next Steps

  1. Do you think you’re the type of person that always needs something to train for in the future?

    • Chasing Fifty says:

      I definitely work better with a goal of some kind. The more challenging the goal, the harder I work. That’s definitely not true for everybody, but I’ve learned it about myself.

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