Random Chaos

Random chaos is the best tm I can come up with to describe this week. There have been so many unplanned deviations from training that I’ve given up trying to figure out where I am in relation to the plan. None of them are bad, but something had to take a backseat. Tis week it was training.

I’ve only been able to get one ride in all week because of work schedules, weather, etc. And that’s after almost no rides last week because of travel. I did get a full 2000 yard swim in yesterday, but that’s the only one since last Saturday. If it weren’t for running, my training week would be shot. Good thing my PF is healing well. The stretching continues to help immensely.

I’m hoping to get in a run and swim tomorrow, as well as a bike/run brick on Saturday. That will be two weeks out from the Olympic triathlon, and is probably the final brick workout before the race. I’ll be traveling again next week, but should have decent training facilities available all week. Hopefully I can salvage a little more of next week.

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1 Response to Random Chaos

  1. elisariva says:

    Your post helped inspire my post today. Two weeks to go – you are on your way!

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