Running In the Past

I’m in Norfolk, Virginia this weekend for a major family celebration, so the running road trip continues. As of this morning, I’ve trained in four states in the last 7 days… I’m definitely in the “does anybody really know what day it is” zone. Nothing this week could be considered a “training plan”… It’s more salvage work than anything else. That’s okay; in fact, in some strange sense, it’s actually a little gratifying. Unlike previous attempts at fitness that disappeared when things got too hectic, exercise has become so ingrained in my life that I fight hard to find some way to workout, regardless of circumstances. So, despite being in four different states over the past 7 days, with 8 different aircraft flights, and around 20 hours of pure travel time, I’ve still managed to log 8 hours of running, cycling, swimming, or strength training. I can live with that.

This morning’s run was hot and humid, but I’m getting used to that. Our hotel is on the water in downtown Norfolk, and the humidity swallows you as soon as you step outside… Even more than in Tampa, it seems. That feeling could be compounded by the fact that I ran a little later than usual this morning. I allowed myself the luxury of sleeping in until 6:45, and consumed the obligatory pre run coffee before hitting the streets.

I lived in Virginia many years ago when I was stationed at the Pentagon. The entire state has always had a certain feel to it for me that is hard to describe. Some parts are incredibly modern and bustling, and others are almost unspoiled… But it’s more than that. There is such a deep sense of heritage and pride here that pervades almost everything. There’s an understanding that not all of the history might be something to be incredibly proud of, but it is there nonetheless. “This is where I came from… It’s not who I am now, but it’s a part of me; accept it or not, but let’s get to work.”

I like that. Never ignore the past, but don’t get mired in it. We are a sum of our previous successes and failures… the critical part is not what I did yesterday, but what I will do today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. It doesn’t have to be epic or heroic; most of life isn’t. But it does need to have purpose, and it should always be the best I can produce. No one can expect more than that from me, and I should accept no less.

I’ve got a few more days of catching whatever workouts I can in between family activities and before everyone else wakes up, then it’s back to Tampa to reestablish some semblance of a pattern in the last three weeks before the Olympic Triathlon. After that? Not sure. I’m contemplating what direction to take training after the tri… Certainly continued training, but I’m about to start an MBA program in the evenings, work is heating up, and fostering healthy family relationships from a distance is a full time challenge in itself. Florida has no shortage of competitions year round, with lots of less demanding sprints to stay in the game. We’ll see; that’s what makes it an adventure.

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1 Response to Running In the Past

  1. Mom says:

    No more teasing from me – I know that lake swim will be a piece of cake for you and I am so proud of you for what you’ve accomplished inthe past year. Go for it!!!

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