That Was Cool

The great thing about my current business trip is that our meetings are being held in the same hotel where I’m staying. That means no commute, so an extra 30 minutes of sleep! It’s the little things in life that make a difference.

Because of travel, today is likely going to be a single workout day. With no bike and a tiny pool at the hotel, that left a run as my best option. Fortunately, weather cooperated and I got to run outside this morning.

And what a morning for a run. The sun was just coming up as I headed out the door, and the temperature barely cracked 70. It felt so amazing that I almost scrapped the run and sat outside, but with only a little over three weeks until my Olympic triathlon, I need to get in every scheduled workout.

The course was mostly flat, with a few rolling hills. The area around the hotel had a series of wide bike paths/jogging trails, so I didn’t heave to deal with traffic and running on the shoulder of the road. The path did run out a little earlier than my review of google maps seemed to indicate, but I was able to detour down some side streets and extend the route.

I’ve been trying to use my heart rate monitor more regularly lately, especially when I ride. It’s less effective during runs because my Nike Sport Band doesn’t have any alarm capabilities to alert you if you exceed a zone limit, etc, but I still use it. Unfortunately, I seem to burn through the replaceable batteries that power the transmitter, and it failed again this morning. I was still able to record my pace, distance, etc, just not heart rate. The batteries are easy to replace, not overly expensive, and are usually sold in packs of two. The down side is that they usually last just long enough for me to forget where I put the other one that came in the pack, so I have lots of spares… I just don’t know where they are!

So, it’s back into Tampa tonight to swap out my clothes (and my HRM battery, if I can find it) and fly out tomorrow morning for a family wedding in Virginia. Hopefully I can get a couple swims in during the downtime… Assuming the pool is larger than a hot tub.

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