Make up Day

To say that today did not go exactly as planned would be an understatement. I’m 3 1/2 weeks out from my planned Olympic triathlon, and my travel schedule is out of control. I got into Dayton late last night, and hoped to squeeze in an abbreviated strength workout. Unfortunately I was just too wiped out to get anything out of it, so I pushed it off until today.

My planned workouts for today were a 6 mile run in the morning before my meetings started and the deferred strength workout in the evening. I crawled out of bed this morning and dug through my bags for the required running gear, hoping that the hotel would have coffee in the lobby. I researched potential routes around my hotel and finally picked one that looked relatively safe from a traffic and navigation perspective. Imagine my disappointment when I got to the lobby and found it was pouring down rain (and there was no coffee). It started in the few minutes between when I looked out the hotel room window and when I got downstairs. Fortunately, the hotel had two decent treadmills in their gym. This was my second treadmill run in the past week, and now I remember why I was so glad to get off the hamster wheel when I left Montreal last winter. In the end, I could only survive 5 of my planned 6 miles. I threw in a couple of accelerations to break up the boredom, but 5 miles was all I could take. Funny how I can swim laps for over an hour, but can’t stand the treadmill. Well, at least I saved the workout.

This evening was planned for a strength workout. I had an obligatory social “team building” dinner after our meetings were over, which involved food designed to harden your arteries by simply looking at it. I like the people with whom I work, and respect their skill and professionalism, but I really wanted to get the workout in before it got too late.

I eventually got back to the hotel and hit the gym… Almost. For some reason, my key wouldn’t open the gym. The front desk was backed up with guests checking in, so I decided to head back upstairs and work out in the room. That’s not really a problem, since most of my sets are body weight exercises anyway. I had hoped to throw in some dumb bells since I had them available, but that was not to happen. I did have a good workout, and got done early enough that it shouldn’t keep me awake. For some reason, if I do my strength training too close to bed, I can’t get to sleep. Should be okay tonight.

I was hoping to swim at the hotel tomorrow, but the pool is about the size of a hot tub, so that’s not going to happen. There is a recumbent bike in the gym, but I think I might rather run again than ride the recumbent. It is a different enough experience that I just don’t get a great workout from it. Another run would probably do me more good.

Given all the stuff I have going on for the next few weeks, I don’t know if I’ll actually get to try open water swimming before race day. Seems a little ironic, since I now live in Florida and am within 30 minutes of the beach. I probably just need to carve out enough time and set something else aside. The swim for my tri will be in a lake, so swimming in the gulf should be more than enough of a challenge.

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1 Response to Make up Day

  1. Mom says:

    You are going to make my hair turn grey in spite of the expensive coloring I get. I prefer that you stay in a pool, preferably a large bathtub inside the hotel.

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