Running Hurdles

Despite a plethora of obstacles associated with daily triathlon training, running hurdles is not one of the three events associated with our chosen event. It does, however, seem to appear as an event in daily life. Today was one of those days for me. Some days are one obstacle after another, and just getting through the day is a slog. The ironic part is that, in the worst part of the day, the most salient thought I had was, “Man, I need a swim”. Who could have imagined 8 months ago that I would have found swimming to be a stress reliever? Certainly not me at the end of my first dozen or so workouts. They reminded me of my first flights in pilot training, where I knew I was going to make a constant string of mistakes, many of which could be fatal. Many of those flights (and swims) started off with fear and dread, and finished with exhaustion and relief. Eventually, I got to the point where many of my greatest memories of life’s moments occurred while flying.

I’ve reached that point with my workouts. In some way I used to dread the continually increasing challenge of more distance, faster pace, or more frequency. Now, though, I think of the accomplishments not as something I endured, but a memory to be thankful for. I probably didn’t feel that way at mile 22 of the Little Rock Marathon, but I sure did afterwards.

Unfortunately, today’s schedule wasn’t going to allow for a swim, or a ride. I was fortunate enough to get my real run in before the never ending hurdles event started, and to experience that run with less pain than the previous run, which had less than the one before. The new stretches and foam roller are working their magic, and I’m feeling better everyday. I’m looking forward to a weekend at home, with a possible ride on Saturday and maybe an extra swim thrown in somewhere.

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1 Response to Running Hurdles

  1. elisariva says:

    I think the desire to swim was on many trithletes’ minds today!

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