Just a Little Push

Sometimes all it takes is a little push. I’ve been in recovery mode this week… not recovery in terms of rest, but trying to recover my training program from the ravages of weather, injury, and a short notice move to Tampa. I’d actually finished three days of planned workouts in a row, which is an excellent accomplishment given the chaos of the last three weeks. Last night was high risk, since it was pouring rain when I left work to prep for my ride. The rain finally let up at about 7:30, and I jumped on the bike as quickly as I could. The roads were still wet, so I was a sloppy mess by the time I got back just after sunset.

Today looked more promising. I got my strength training session in earlier in the day, including the dreaded dips for chest and shoulder work. I was planning to go to a group open water swim in Old Tampa Bay, and was pretty pumped about my first open water experience. Unfortunately, the skies got dark and ominous at about 3:30, and the heavens opened wide. It rained steadily for about 3 hours, which killed the open water swim. I was lamenting my loss of a swim workout on Facebook when my sister mentioned that it had stopped raining at her house nearby. The pool in my complex closes at 8, but I could still sneak in at least a partial. Quick change and out the door.

I was able to get in almost 1500 yards before the pool police booted me out. Not quite the 2200 I had planned, but definitely better than losing the whole workout. I’ll probably cut short Friday’s planned swim because of the duathlon on Saturday. Fortunately, I was able to get a hotel room very near the race site using travel points, so I get to avoid the 4:00 wake up and drive to Orlando without Starbucks (even they don’t open that early).

Tonight’s experience just reinforces how great it is to have a supportive family behind me. It certainly would have been much harder to get this far if I was working against resistance instead of feeling the little push of encouragement.

Tomorrow is another morning run and evening 20 mile ride. I need to do a little cleanup work on the bike first, though. I thought I’d done a decent cleaning job after yesterday’s wet ride, but there was still a lot of gunk after it dried off. Just one more item on the to do list before Saturday’s race.

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