Almost, but Close Enough

Well, I couldn’t make it two in a row.  I had a swim and a strength training session planned for today, but the strength training fell prey to a much better option… spending a lot of time with my Mom, and some time in the evening with my oldest sister.  That’s not a fair trade, it’s a great deal.

Since I had the day off, I got to sleep in a little (6:30, but that’s better than 5:50), and still do my swim outside in the morning.  The pool was mostly empty when I got there, so I could lay claim to the lap lanes.  I did a ladder workout, starting with 5 X 50 yard workouts, then increasing by two laps each set.  I finished with a total of 2200 yards in about an hour.  The temperature was perfect, and the humidity… well, who cares, I was in the water, right?

After yesterday’s swim, I noticed that my neck was pretty sore.  That’s usually a sign that I’m raising my head more than needed as I turn for a breath..  Nothing a little Aleve and a couple thousand yards of practice can’t cure.  I focused a lot on extending my reach and keeping my head down, all while enjoying getting to swim again… and being outside.  I love this whole triathlon thing.

Tomorrow calls for a run in the morning and a ride in the afternoon/evening.  I’m still getting moved in and settled, so there may be a casualty there… probably the ride.  We’ll see.

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