Ride Like The Wind!

Debbie is a bad memory! The clouds actually parted this afternoon, leave calm winds and clear blue skies. Time to break out the tri bike and hit the roads. But first, the PF update.

I ran for the second time in a month last night, sticking with a fairly slow pace on the treadmill. I used my new orthotics, and logged a full three miles. My right foot seemed to be fine after the run, but this morning was the real test. I’d like to report that I was completely pain free when I stepped out of bed, but it just ain’t so. I was able to walk without a noticeable limp, though, and felt just fine as long as I was wearing my orthotics (they take the pressure off my heel and keep my arch from collapsing). So, I’m not ready for any 13 milers, but I think I can continue with moderate running. I need to keep up the stretching, as well.

Tonight’s ride was more of a challenge to arrange than it was to actually ride. My bike was stored in an office at work, and my clothes were in a gym bag in the car. I think it took 4 or 5 trips in and out of the building to get everything in the right place, and change clothes. I’m pretty sure the security guard trout I was up to something because I kept carrying stuff into and out of the building. However, when I came into the lobby wearing my black spandex shorts, he pretty much decided to leave me alone.

I drove to a starting point away from the rush hour traffic and put all the bike pieces and parts together. It took a few adjustments to get the computer sensors lined up and adjust the rims so they weren’t rubbing on the brake pads, but off I went.

This ride was all about getting used to the aero position and the gearing again. My road bike has a triple chainring, which rides completely differently that the double on the tri bike. I eventually settled into a rhythm about halfway through the ride, and averaged about 18.5 mph overall. I was also battling headwinds for the first half, which meant some really nice cruise speeds after the turn around point.

After a couple of weeks of sporadic training caused mostly by travel and weather, it was good to get a ride and a run complete in the last two days. I’m still a little short on swims, but hope to make some of those up over the weekend.

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