Running from Debbie

Thursday will mark exactly one month since my current bout of plantar fasciitis flared up, grinding one third of my triathlon training program to a halt. I tried running one time after about two weeks, but that proved to be a bad idea. I picked up my orthotics a week ago Saturday, and have been wearing them pretty faithfully during my nonrunning workouts, so I felt it was about time to ease back into some light jogging.

The skies are actually trying to clear, but Tropical Storm Debbie just refuses to move on. As a result, there were still some really strong winds and the occasional sprinkle to deal with by the time I was able to strap on the Asics in the mid evening. That, coupled with a desire to give myself as much cushioning as possible, led me inside to a treadmill at the local gym. While I’m no fan of running on the hamster wheel, I figured the extra shock absorption couldn’t hurt (pun intended).

I started off with easy walking for three minutes, then increased the pace just a little. I eventually worked my way up to a 10 minute mile pace, broken up with a few bouts of walking to see how the foot was holding up. The total for the run/walk workout was a little over three miles.

The orthotics seemed to make a big difference, although the real test will come tomorrow morning when I get out of bed. Those first steps are the real evidence of progress. If I seem to be doing well in the morning, I’ll try another run later in the week. There is a sprint triathlon I’d like to do toward the end of July as a prep for my Olympic distance event in mid-August, so I hope to ease myself back into running shape before then.

Rumor control says that Debbie is supposed to pack her bags and leave tomorrow. I certainly hope so. She’s hanging around like a kid brother on a date, and moving more slowly than the guy on I-75 in the 78 Cadillac. I know that patience is a virtue, but I’m sure ready for her to move on. I’d really like to get back on the bike tomorrow evening, but prefer no to brave 40 mph winds to do it. We shall see.

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1 Response to Running from Debbie

  1. Grr! I am glad we haven’t been hit with any of that stuff! I just got hit with sinus pressure and a never-ending runny nose making it impossible to breathe. Hopefully both this cold nonsense and the storm are completely gone ASAP.

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