Fighting with Debbie

I would never hit a woman, but Debbie deserves a punch in the eye; Tropical Storm Debbie, that is. After dumping over 10 inches of rain on Tampa yesterday, and spawning at least one tornado, she just refused to go quietly. While there was almost no rain to speak of today, the 40 mph winds convinced me that no outside activity was worth the pain. So, I found an accessible gym and stayed indoors.

I was supposed to do a swim and a strength training session today, but the swim wasn’t going to happen. There were countless stationary bikes, though, including a few spin bikes. I’ve never done a spinning class, so I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to plan or gauge your workout on such a device. There was no speedometer, watt meter, etc, and my only means of heart rate measurement is my Nike Plus Sport Band, which really only wants to work well if you’re running. So, I headed over to the Precor computerized bike for a planned 1 hour workout.

I admit, I only lasted 50 minutes. I was bored out of my skull, and the position was just awkward enough that my calves started cramping if my cadence hit more than 90. But I did get in a “ride”, after four days without. I really needed it, too, as mediocre as it was.

Once the ride was done, I moved to the circuit room and switched to my strength training routine. Unfortunately, I’d left a few things out of the gym bag (like a water bottle and anything to record my sets and reps on). I’ve been doing the same routine for a couple of weeks, though, so I was able to get through my three circuits from memory. I enjoyed the strength training my than the stationary bike, to say the least.

The forecast for tomorrow is still pretty iffy, but I hope to at least get an afternoon ride in. The swim will probably be a lost cause, but I will try to extended one of my later swims to make up for the lost yardage. And if I can’t get in my next swim, maybe I can count my sparring with Debbie as a workout.

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2 Responses to Fighting with Debbie

  1. Debbie is such a terrible name anyway, I’d punch Debbie too!

  2. elisariva says:

    You got your training in when many would give up. Good job!

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