Pleasant Morning Swim

The juggling continues.  I was able to get in another morning swim workout before heading into the office.  This is going to be a long travel day, so I was glad I could make the swim work before going in.

I was a bit worried that it might be on the cool side in the water, since the hotel has an outdoor pool.  The outside air temp was just below 70, but the pool was excellent.  My last two outdoor swims have convinced me that I need to upgrade my goggles, though.  I’m using (and perfectly happy with) the cheapo Wal-Mart goggles I bought when I first started swimming.  I actually tried to upgrade a few months ago, but couldn’t find any fancy models that fit over the bridge of my big schnoz.  However, swimming outside in the morning puts things in a whole new light… quite literally.  The rising sun gets pretty blinding when I turn my head to breathe.  Thanks to “Life After Swimming”, one of my two unofficial (that means I don’t have to pay for advice) swim coaches, I learned to breathe “bilaterally” early on.  That way I only get blinded every other breath.  A pair of darker goggles are probably in order for my outdoor swims.

I had to cut my workout a little short to get to the office in time for my first meeting, but I still got in almost 1600 yards.  The pool was longer than the other hotel pool from earlier in the week, but not quite full length.  I came away with a couple of jammed fingers, but no knocks on the head.  It’s amazing how convenient those lane markers are for determining how close you are to the end of the pool.

I also snuck in one of my two remaining strength routines last night after the bike ride.  I’ve settled into a pretty thorough full body series, which I change up by varying specific exercises.  For instance, I may do goblet squats instead of prisoner squats, but I keep squats in the routine either way.  Speaking of squats, they really got me last night.  The tri bike changes the leg muscle use just enough that I really got a jolt when I hit my third set of squats.  Keeps things exciting, I suppose.

Time to catch the plane home.  This weekend should be relatively light, with a couple of rides and one strength session.

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