Too Soon

I’ve been toying with the idea of a “trial run” on my injured foot for a couple of days. Day to day activity has hurt much less, and there have even been a couple of pain free mornings. For those who have ever had Plantar Fasciitis, the most common, and painful, symptom is the pain along the bottom of your foot when you first apply pressure to it in the morning. Mine had been diminishing, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Before the head shaking gets too bad, I had the best of intentions. I was going to do an easy treadmill walk/run before work, keeping the distance below two miles or so. I went to the hotel gym at 6:00 a.m., and there was already someone on the only treadmill. Well, the next best thing was a run along the bay next to the hotel.

Once I started the run, I kept things pretty slow and easy. At somewhere around a 10:10 pace, I figured I couldn’t do too much damage. I stuck with the trail immediately adjacent to the hotel instead of taking one of the offshoots. That way I could call it quits if things started to hurt, and I wasn’t too far from the hotel.

The first loop went well, with no pain. Other than a steady drizzle that started about halfway into the lap, the run was nice. It felt good to run again. I rounded the starting point, and felt good enough to take a second lap.

One of the other indications of PF is that it doesn’t always hurt while you are running, but the real pain comes later. I remembered that about an hour after I finished the run. I wouldn’t call the pain excruciating, but I’d say it was definitely too soon to have tried a run. So, I’m back to ice and Aleve, hoping I didn’t inflict too much damage. It didn’t help that I had to wear dress shoes all day at work. I suppose I could have worn my orthotic sandals, but I’m not sure that would have gone over too well.

Given the fact that it had been almost three weeks since the run when I injured my foot, and this single run today caused such a relapse, I guess a more extended period of recovery is in order if I hope to finish the duathlon and triathlon before September 11th. So, I’ll commit to myself no more running until at least July 1st, and then only if there are measurable signs of healing. Time to take the recovery a little more seriously, I suppose.

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4 Responses to Too Soon

  1. elisariva says:

    I am so sorry to hear. I know how frustrating it is. Hang in.

    • Chasing Fifty says:

      Thanks. I kept thinking about your patience in recovering from the ankle injury before going back to running… but I still jumped in too soon. The good news is that it didn’t hurt nearly as much this morning, so I may not have done any serious damage.

  2. Joe Mizal says:

    As a sufferer of PF for years I finally found a solution to my ailment by changing to a very cushioned shoe and implementing low mileage while easing back into running. I also concentrated on more of a midfoot strike as I am a natural heel striker. My cushioned shoe of choice is the Nike Vomero. I can say that after a long battle I have found a method that works. I slowly transitioned into a lightweight trainer but only after I fully recovered. Good luck and get well soon- PF can be one of the most frustrating ailments.

    P.S. rolling a cold bottle of beer under arches definitely helps

    • Chasing Fifty says:

      Thanks for the suggestions. I’m about to change shoes again, so I appreciate the specific suggestion. Hadn’t tried the cold beer trick, although I do have bags of peas stashed in freezers all over North America.

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