Stiff and Sore

Well, that sounds positive, doesn’t it?  Positive or not, that’s how I felt when I rolled out of bed at 5:30 for my strength workout this morning.  After the long brick on Saturday, followed by a long run on Sunday, I was sore.  Stretching this morning would probably have been funny to watch… but it wasn’t funny to do.  I eventually loosened up about halfway through the workout and finished all my sets and reps.

The evening workout was a 2000 yard swim at the hotel pool.  The water felt great when I started at about 7:30, but there was a chill in the air by the time I finished an hour later.  I started off with a series of 5 X 100 yard repeats, and then did a ladder workout… increasing each set by 100 yards until I hit 500.  It was a good workout, and it felt nice to get some exercise that didn’t involve pounding the pavement or slogging through the heat.

I’m scheduled for a 4 mile run and a 20 mile bike ride tomorrow.  I’m not sure I’m going to be able to get both of them in based on my work schedule, coupled with the fact that I have to switch hotels tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I lose the decent outdoor pool when I move.  There is an open water swim group that meets in Tampa on Wednesday nights, so I may give that a shot to salvage at least one more swim for this week.  They swim in the gulf, so hopefully I won’t be the slowest one in the group.  I think they call that person shark bait.

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