The Realist

The pessimist says a glass is half empty
The optimist says a glass is half full
The realist says you got the wrong sized glass.

I am battling what I assume is a sinus infection. I say “assume” because, unless I am on a stretcher or bleeding in the passenger side of the car with my wife driving, I generally don’t go to the doctor. Silly, I know, but it comes from:

1. Deep seated stubbornness, and
2. 21 years of flying in the Air Force, where all the doctor could do was ground you.

All those warnings about seeing a doctor before you start an exercise program? When I started mine again 4 years ago, I watched a commercial for “Grey’s Anatomy”. Close enough.

So, here I am with two overlapping health coverage programs, all the symptoms of a sinus infection (thank you, WebMD), and no voice or doctor.

Which leads me to the obvious question; can I still train? Not the question you were thinking, huh? Your question was, no doubt, where to find a doctor. Silly you. Anyway, enough about you…

Having no voice, I couldn’t see much reason to go to work yesterday. Give it a rest. Using the same logic, I elected to forgo both planned workouts; my 30 mile ride and 6 mile run. The workouts this week are heavier than usual early in the week because my youngest daughter graduates from college on Saturday, so I shifted my weekly run/ride across my other sessions. Good plan, until the sinus thing hit.

Having lost yesterday’s workouts, I hoped I could salvage something for today. Being an optimist, I packed my pool bag with all the required gear, laid out my office clothes to take with me, and set the alarm. Pumped up with drugs that I hoped would provide miraculous relief overnight, I headed off to bed.

Enter, the realist. My wife watched me shuffle around the house most of the day, trying to avoid looking like the stereotypical pitiful sick husband, but really dragging. The low point probably came while watching television after dinner, when laughing at a punch line turned into an uncontrollable coughing fit. So, after I’d gone to bed, my wife put away my clothes and turned off the alarm. Now, this was a fairly high risk proposition. Such actions in the past might have elicited a pretty negative response from yours truly. You know, a “stop telling me what to do”, really mature response.

Thanks, wife. Ironically enough, I woke up 10 minutes after the alarm should have gone off, and assumed I’d forgotten to turn the alarm on. Another aspect of triathlon training they don’t really advertise… The inability to sleep past about 5:30 a.m. I could tell pretty quickly that my planned 2000 yard swim was not going to do much for the sinuses or other symptoms (don’t ask, you don’t want to know), so i decided to abandon the swim. Since I was awake, I hit the shower anyway. Remember, at this point I assumed I’d forgotten to turn the alarm on after I set it. I still didn’t realize what my realist wife had done. I finished the shower and opted for comfortable T-shirt and sweats. I figured I’d sneak into work before anyone else got in and grab my laptop so I could work from home. That’s when I discovered that wife had actually put away the stuff I’d gotten out the night before.

So, today will be another day off. I’m searching for home remedies, most of which seem to revolve around letting the affliction run its course. The phrase, “Give me patience, and I want it NOW!” comes to mind. Obviously, I came to the same conclusion my wife did about my ability to pull off my workouts today, but it’s nice to know I’ve got a realist in my corner. And she’s a lot pretty than any of the flight surgeons I avoided in the Air Force.

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2 Responses to The Realist

  1. elisariva says:

    I don’t know if I am an optimist, stubborn, or silly, but my rule of thumb is if I don’t have a fever (99.5 or higher) I am working out. Sinus infections can be tricky – if it is a virus then rest and chicken soup is best. Make sure it is not bacterial (think green), that is when you need antibiotics. If not treated it could develop into pneumonia. Take care and feel better soon!

  2. bgddyjim says:

    I go by how my hair feels – If the hair hurts, I’m taking a day off – otherwise I figure I’ll run (or ride) it off. I don’t particularly care what the doctor says unless I’m sick for more than a week (by which time I’ve already logged 100 miles or more).

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