Weekend Workouts

Saturday marked the end of my recovery week, and I can’t say that I felt as “recovered” as I would have hoped.  I limited myself only to my planned workouts for the week, and even backed off of running completely due to the lingering indications of Plantar Fasciitis in my left heel, but I wasn’t feeling as rested as I thought I would by Saturday.  Still, both of my weekend workouts went well.

Saturday morning was a 2000 yard endurance swim.  I did an initial 250 yard warm up, and then started my long set.  I initially planned to swim 1250 yards without a rest, since I’d already made my April goal of 1000 yards last week.  Once I got close to 1250, I decided to press on and see if I could make the entire1500.  It was only another 10 laps beyond the plan, and I was able to finish the entire distance.  For a little added realism, I shared the lane with another swimmer.  I also happened to be in the lane against the wall, so I had that constant crowded feeling.

Today’s workout was a 6.5 mile run in the morning.  I switched back to Asics Gel Nimbus shoes with a bit more padding to help with the heel pain, and this was my first long run in them.  They took a little getting used to, but I could feel a significant difference during and after the run, especially compared to the Zoots that I was trying for a while.

The most notable difference in this morning’s run, though, was the return of humidity.  We’ve had a mild, dry spring, and this morning was the first really humid run I’ve done this year.  I was pretty well drenched by the time I finished.  The temperature and humidity had a huge impact on my pace, but I wasn’t pushing very hard, anyway, with the new shoes.

I launch back into a heavy training week tomorrow, with two workouts a day scheduled each day.  I’ve also got a three day trip scheduled, so there will be a fair amount of juggling to get all the workouts in.  Bike ride tomorrow morning.

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