Ah, Spring!

Today’s workouts were a swim in the morning and a bike ride in the afternoon.  Both were a little more challenging than I expected, but great workouts still.  I would normally ride in the morning and swim after work, but the morning temps were forecast in the 40s, so I switched the order.  Spring is in the air, with mornings that are just a little too cool for me to ride.  It wouldn’t have been too bad, I put away a lot of my winter stuff over the weekend, and I was unprepared.

I hit the pool first thing in the morning before work.  It was a short, 30 minute workout, and my first time back in the “big kids” pool in a couple of weeks.  I’ve been stuck in a 15 yard hotel pool when I travel, but I have access to the 25 yard pool at the local rec center this week while I’m home. You’d think 10 extra yards wouldn’t be that big a deal, especially when my workouts average 2000 yards.  But every lap has a “micro break” at the turn, where you actually stop while you reverse directions.  It gives you a break, even if you don’t completely realize it.  It took me a few laps this morning to get into a good rhythm with the extra distance per lap, but I eventually settled into a smooth pace.  I was surprised when my allotted time in the pool was up, and I had to head to work.

The afternoon workout was a one hour ride along the local river trail.  The winds had kicked up pretty well by the time I got off work, so there was an added challenge to deal with.  I was about one quarter of the way through the workout, pushing to maintain a decent speed in the wind, when I realized this was a great opportunity for a “big gear” ride.  I shifted onto the big gear in front, dropped my cadence to about 70 rpm, and used the wind for extra resistance.  It was a great strength workout, and I wound up doing 5 X 5 minute intervals with equal rest periods.  I definitely felt it in my legs when I got off the bike.

Tomorrow is back to the pool for another short workout.  This is a recovery week, so I’ve got a few days with only single workouts, and a whole day off on Friday!  Then it’s back to the heavy stuff next week.

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