What Do You Mean It’s April?

How can it really be late April?  It seems like last week I was recovering from the marathon, and now I’m 7 weeks into the triathlon program.  What once seemed like it was so far off now seems to be looming, with not nearly enough time left to do all the prep work I know is necessary.  This is my second recovery week, and then one more base period of 4 weeks to establish the endurance foundation I need before going into “build”.  That’s where I’ll pick up again with my intervals and dedicated hill workouts.

I’m now through the seventh month of my Chasing Fifty Challenge, with three events down.  I still have a duathlon and an Olympic triathlon to complete.  The biggest challenge with the duathlon may very well be finding one.  There are usually a few different options in the Central Arkansas area early in the season, but this year the pickings seem to be pretty slim.  Given my travel schedule, timing it correctly to be home on the appropriate weekend won’t be easy.  I’ve got one targeted the Riverside Duathlon in July, but haven’t registered yet.  Since my planned triathlon is in August, I’d rather not wait that late… but there aren’t a lot of other choices.  I probably need to commit pretty soon.

While I wouldn’t say that weather is wreaking havoc with the training schedule this week, it is requiring some creative shuffling.  Take tomorrow, for example.  I’m scheduled for a 20 mile ride and a short swim.  I’d originally planned to do the ride in the morning before work, and swim on the way home.  The weather forecast calls for 45 degree temps at 5:30, though, and 70s by the afternoon.  Let’s see, 45 or 70, 45 or 70… yeah, I think I’m riding in the afternoon.  That means an early morning (6:00 a.m.) swim, though.  I hope the water is warm.

Speaking of swims, the local triathlon training group, All In Multisport, has arranged for access to a local lake for open water swims.  It’s a great opportunity if I can schedule enough time in town on the days that it’s available.  I joined the group back in the fall when I first decided to complete a triathlon, but I’ve been on the road so much that I’ve only been able to do one group ride since then.  Hopefully I can take part a bit more and glean some knowledge.  As the old saying goes, “Learn from the mistakes of others… you probably won’t live long enough to make all of them yourself.”

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