Body of Steel…

Well, legs of lead, at least.  After yesterday’s hard run and ride, today’s 6 mile run felt like I was slogging through quicksand, with lead weights strapped to my ankles.  I was very tight for the first mile or so, but figured I’d loosen up.  Not so much.  The whole run was a challenge, but I pushed through and finished.

Today was as beautiful as yesterday as far as temperature and sunshine were concerned, but there was an added wind factor to deal with.  Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-15 mph, and seeming coming from all directions.  I chose a route through Two Rivers Park, mostly because snakes through the woods for most of the way.  That certainly helped block the wind, but it also put me in the shade for a lot of the  run.  With a temp in the 60s and a gusty wind that still worked it’s way through the trees, the sunshine would have made it a little more comfortable, but it’s all about tradeoffs.

I’m looking forward to an easier training week while I’m back in Little Rock.  Besides getting to rest a bit more, I’ll also get to spend the free time with the family before I head back out on the road a week from tomorrow.  The only downside is not getting to do more riding while I actually have a bike available.  Again, it’s all about tradeoffs.  A good bike workout is going to be at least an hour, but most of my running or swimming recovery workouts can be squeezed into 30 minutes.

Speaking of shorter workouts, I’ve considered focusing my swimming on incorporating some of the “Total Immersion” techniques this week.  I ordered the DVDs a few weeks ago, but haven’t really done anything with them.  I know I need to improve my swimming technique, because I can really feel it after my longer workouts.  Since most of my swimming this week will be in 30 minute blocks, I won’t lose much if I devote more of it to improving form.

Tomorrow is a very easy day… one 30 minutes strength workout in the evening.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in.

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2 Responses to Body of Steel…

  1. Mom says:

    Do you throw things like “snakes” in your blog just to see if I am really paying attention. I am just about ready to write one of my famous “Please excuse Steve from running, swimming, biking” nots.
    Be careful!

  2. elisariva says:

    Looking forward to hearing how you like Total Immersion. I have the book. I work to incorporate some of the technique. Maybe the DVD is a better tool.

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