I Surrender

Here’s a new twist… Someone surrendering to the French. But I give up. They have beaten me. I rearranged my weekly training schedule to put my swims on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to accommodate the local indoor pool’s kind of quirky open lap swim hours. I’d gone to the pool in Montreal on Tuesday night hoping to swim, but was informed that Tuesdays were swim team practice only. Come back tomorrow night. So, I packed my bag after work and headed to the pool, arriving 10 minutes before the lap swim window. I should have known something was up when the parking lot was packed.

I walked in the lobby, and there was a line snaking down the hall, around the corner, and into Vermont. Turns out that tonight was the first night to register for nonresident rec center memberships… Nobody bothered to mention that last night when they told me to come back. But I don’t need a membership… I just want to swim laps. Same line. After about 10 minutes of not moving, I realized I was going to spend the entire hour and a half waiting in line. I surrender. Back to the hotel.

Such are the hassles of trying to train with a job that requires about 60% travel. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Joe Freil thinks it takes mental toughness to run in the rain… He’s never tried to swim in Montreal.

The day was not a loss, though. I got my morning run in before work, knocking out 3.4 miles at about an 8:50 pace. Much better than yesterday, but I also had more sleep. Instead of the swim tonight, I did my originally scheduled strength workout. Probably better not to have done two long swims in a row, anyway. I was really looking forward to swimming in the big kids pool, though. They were using the 50 meter pool, and I was curious to see how I would do. Oh well, not to be.

Tomorrow is a bike ride (stationary cycle in the hotel) in the morning, and a swim at the hotel pool in the evening. 180 laps, here I come. Merci.

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1 Response to I Surrender

  1. UGH! How frustrating!!! I guess you can at least say you tried! Meter pools kick the crap out of me. I love my flip turns … swimming 50 meters feels like crossing an ocean to me! But I know some people love it!

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