Near Misses

Another phenomenal spring day for training.  There was a mild chance of rain that never materialized, which meant a great run this morning and an excellent ride this afternoon.

The morning run was among my fastest yet.  I averaged about 8:10 per mile without really even feeling like I was pushing as hard as I could.  According to my (not very) trusty Nike Sport Band, I hit a 7:17 pace at one point in mile 2.  I’m starting to like this running shorter thing.  I did have a near miss during the run, though.  I was cutting through the parking lot of our local park toward the end of the run when I noticed a chain strung across the entrance, just a little lower than knee high… and about three feet in front of me!  Fortunately I had enough reaction time to do a low hurdle/high step over it, or I’d probably be writing this from my hospital bed.  I wish I’d had my heart rate monitor on… that would have been an interesting reading later.

The afternoon ride was a little windy, but still great.  Lots of other riders, runners, and walkers out enjoying the weather as well.  My pace was a slower than yesterday’s ride, but there were a few long climbs today, coupled with the wind.  I hit a few sustained periods of 20+ mph, which isn’t bad for me.  I had my second near miss on the ride… a bee/hornet/buzzard about the size of the Hindenburg hit me right in the face.  How is that a near miss?  It missed my open mouth as I was taking a breath.  That would have been fun…

The more intense workout pace this week has highlighted how much I’ve let my eating habits slip over the past month or so.  When I was working out less, I had more time to either prep food or buy it.  Now it seems like I’m literally running from one activity to another.  I definitely need to start planning my meals better.  My wife has been great about making good, nutritious suppers, but I’m grabbing whatever I can get my hands on for breakfast and lunch… not good.  The workouts make me feel like I’m always hungry, and the “quickie” food isn’t very filling or satisfying.  It’s a good reminder that the training puzzle has lots of pieces, and nutrition is a big one.

It’s back to the pool tomorrow.  I’m hoping to add at least another 50-100 yards to my workout total.  I’d like to break 2000 yards per workout by the end of March, which is within reach.


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