Morning Miles

What a great morning run!  This week is my recovery period from the Little Rock Marathon and transition to the base period of my triathlon training.  That means shorter workouts, and theoretically easier ones.  That was certainly the case earlier in the week, when I was still working the kinks out of the knees and sore muscles.  This morning was a little different, though.

I had today off of work, so I slept in a little later than normal.  I’m also on the road visiting family, so I had packed all of my running stuff to take along.  I got dressed for the run, only to discover I’d forgotten my gloves.  No worries, it’s only 35 degrees.  Compared to the 15 and 20 milers at 15 below, this is a piece of cake.  Oops, no socks.  Well, lots of triathletes run without socks, right? Off I go.

It was a little brisk, but not bad.  The route was an out and back, with the “out” being into the wind.  The first 1/3 of a mile or so was through some parking lots and across a major road, which is always a little nerve wracking.  Once across the main road, though, I was onto a lightly traveled side street and in the clear.

Maybe it was the cold air, the sunshine after yesterday’s steady rain, knowing that I was only running for 30 minutes… I don’t know; but something said let go and run.  I pushed it up and hit a nice stride.  The wind was a little challenging, but not bad.

It really felt good to go fast.  Well, fast for me.  I’ve never been a speed demon, but doing marathon and half marathon training drives me to longer distance at a slower pace.  Sometimes it’s good just to see how fast you can go, and that’s what I did this morning.  And I’d have to say the splits weren’t too bad.  The first mile was just about 8 minutes.  Mile number 2 came in at 7:55, and mile 3 at about 8.  The last half mile was about 7:15, if I can believe my Nike + gadget.  Not bad.

I certainly won’t do every shorter run at that kind of pace, but it’s good to know I can still go fairly fast, despite my advanced age (as my son likes to remind me).  I’m looking forward to shifting the emphasis of my training to shorter, more intense distances.  The goal triathlon is about 5 months from this weekend.  Off to the races.

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1 Response to Morning Miles

  1. elisariva says:

    Fat is relative. To me, you are fast! Good run.

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